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Hay guys! I am Roy and today for the first time I will share my experience when I became a man from a boy. But first of all I shall identify myself. Presently after completion of my MBA I am working in a MNC giant and staying at Kolkata. Today I shall share the experience which has not happened in a single day but with a series of events in my teen age.So here is my first time sex kahani –

My parents are teachers and I am the only son. My mom had a colleague named Sunita aunty who was very close to our family. Anjali is Sunita aunty’s daughter. Anjali and I were very close friends from the childhood because we were of same age and we used to study in the same school. Anjali was very thin when we were in class III and ClassV.

We were growing up together and suddenly we have noticed some changes in ourselves. I noticed that Anjali is having some changes in the body and I too was having some changes in my body, Anjali was beautiful with a thin waist line and proportionate mass at the right location to make her perfect, she is so perfect that she become a model now and working in Mumbai.

We became very close friends when we was in the same section in class VIII. I was very good in Maths and Science and as usually Anjali was very good in English and Arts subjects. Mom and Sunita aunty had figured that out and asked us to study together so that we can improve our lacunae, and our friendship became stronger.

We used to talk about many things about the school, other buddies and many more things, excluding sex. By that time Anjali was in love with a guy who was much senior than us and used to have a lots of fantasy of making their family in future etc, etc, as most of you have fantasized. During our study leave we used to study together in Sunita aunty’s house.

Suddenly in one afternoon she asked me that if I know something about ‘kiss’!! I was taken by surprise, she told that she had asked about it to many of her friend but no one had given a proper explanation. And asked me that if I can provide any insight! I asked her “Why do you want to know this?”


She answered that her boyfriend had asked her to kiss but she don’t know how to do it and afraid to do it, as she had only some vague idea about it. Guys now a days a class IV student can give this answer, but 13 yrs back TV wasn’t so common and kissing scene wasn’t also so common.

I told her that I also have some vague idea as some of my friends have told me that they have kissed their girlfriends, but I don’t believe them. After this discussion it was suppressed. But something happened in my mind and I asked her, “Why don’t we kiss? We will have the experience and we will keep this very secret within us!”

She became red instantly and replied that only lovers kiss not friends. I understood my fault and the discussion ended. But the sin was there within me. After couple of days I asked her if she had any experience of kiss with her boyfriend! She remained silent and asked me hesitating, “Will you keep this absolutely secret within us? Because, I am really afraid to kiss him”.

I nodded and came closer to her. I closed my eyes and placed my lips in her, O God!! What a moment that was! Even writing this, I can remember that sensational feeling of the first kiss in my whole body. She parted her lips apart and I was smooching her lips. My saliva was all over her mouth and our tongue was playing their game.

When we broke up everything was dark in front of me. Blood has rushed into her face and her chicks were dark pink by that time. I had no idea that how much time has passed by, but I was interested in more. We kissed and kissed and kissed, I hold her hand very strong that she was having pain in the hand.

My first time sex encounter first time sex kahani

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Finally when we broke up I find that my lips were all swollen, and her too which were so red that can be comparable to pellets of red rose. I rushed to my house back after that and that was like a dream to me. That day I was awake all the night and few subsequent nights were sleepless. I was living in dream. I have not gone to Anjali’s house for a week as I was afraid to face her.

Finally I went to her house because some maths was due and exam was in proximity. After finishing off the maths I asked her, if she had kissed her boyfriend? “I won’t kiss him” that was the unexpected short answer from her! I asked why? She told “that is none of your business”. As I was shy I have not extended the conversation.

Exam was over and we were in the new class. A private home tutor was fixed to teach us. And our parents were very happy that we were doing well in the study. We continued study together. One afternoon when I went to her house she complained tremendous pain in her abdomen. I asked the reason and if she needs the doctor.

She replied that this is very common with girls and need not to be worried. I had a hint about this from my friends and science books but was not sure what exactly it was and asked her about it. She told me that it is a continuous process for all females and this is called menstruation and give me a proper description about it.

Days passed by and we started sharing our sex stories which were told by our respective friends about their lives and practical experiences. One afternoon I did not have any idea but suddenly hold her and kissed her. That was almost like the first experience. After that, kiss was in our daily routine.


Now come to the eventful day. It was the holiday because that was our school establishment day. In the afternoon I went to her house for map pointing. Anjali did not know that I will come. When I arrived the maid said that didimuni is having the shower upstairs, and she is having some immediate problem in her house so she had to leave but can not left Anjali alone.

And asked me that if, I am staying in the house for studying than she will come back within an hour. I told her that I shall be there for more than one hour and she can go. I went upstairs to Anjali’s room and have not made any sound because I wanted to give her a surprise. I was waiting in her room and she come out of the bathroom.

Oh!!!!!! Gosh!!!! She was only in her inners. She shouted loudly and ran back towards bathroom but I caught her midway within my arms, it was impossible for me to let her go. She was shivering within my arms I was holding her tight. Now I shall describe her, she was 5’3” tall, her complexion was like reddish milk, she is so fair that some of the veins are clearly visible.

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